Once Upon a Belt

Meleniak Ltd that ran Onceuponabelt.com ceased trading online in September 2020.

You can buy the leftover stock from Once Upon a Belt / Julian Carter on the Etsy shop. The belts and buckles that remain are all going to be put on Etsy for sale but there has been no rush – because with the pandemic nobody was dressing up to go out or having big weddings. Get in touch if you want something in particular that we might well have.

If you are hankering to buy more colourful FUEGO Argentinian polo belt designs, some are now for sale in larger sizes from The Wide Boot Company online https://www.thewidebootcompany.com/store and all sizes from https://gauchobelts.co.uk/.

We would like to thank all our loyal customers who have supported us over the last 12 years.

Once Upon a Belt then was probably the best belt shop in the world with a huge selection to choose from including mens belts and plus size belts. A unique selection – most of our stock was not available elsewhere in the UK and we bought in small quantities, not mass market and not nasty cheap stuff made in the Far East. We offered you exquisite leather that smells so good and feels so good you’ll be in heaven, perhaps handmade in Italy with shades of tobacco brown or finest cabrito leather handcrafted in Argentina and encrusted with real onyx stones.

We also enjoyed being a favourite of Vogue the world over – especially our obi belts.